Gender Bent Super Heroes [Pics]

One of my favorite comic related art blogs is Project Rooftop. They issue challenges based on redesigning classic characters. This week they featured some fun art by artist Maya Nord showcasing a few of DC’s finest as their gender bent counterparts. As a bonus, some cosplay friends of mine did their own take on Gender Bent Justice League at San Diego Comic Con last year and figured I’d toss some cosplay pics in as an added bonus!

Do you have a favorite gender bent super hero you’d like to see? Comment with a picture or description of your interpretation.

[via Project Rooftop and L.A. Weekly]

7 Responses to Gender Bent Super Heroes [Pics]

  1. I LOVE THESE! It is awesome to see female versions of superheroes NOT wearing bikinis. The women still look beautiful and the costumes show off their good looks without being over the top sexy.

  2. I love the art that was based off of my friends and myself! We Leaguers are pretty pleased how our costumes turned out and how so many people appreciated us! Especially to make fanart of us

    Thanks for the love!


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