Monday Morning Links Serving: The January 23rd Edition

6 Fictional Places You Didn’t Know Actually Existed
Part of what makes fantasy and sci-fi appealing is that it’s not just a bunch of characters — it’s a whole world. One you want to live in […]

Here, Have Some Nightmares: Real Life Beavis and Butthead
I don’t know if this is for some new skit MTV is doing, or just for the hell of it, but in either case, I think these things should be burned before they come to life and start murdering people.

The 14 Most Interesting Facts About Kim Dotcom, The Founder Of Megaupload
Kim Dotcom, the guy who was just arrested for founding Megaupload, is a pretty crazy and unique guy.

10 Awesome Apps for Your Jailbroken iPhone and iPad
You’ve taken the plunge. Your iOS device is jailbroken. And now it’s time to head straight to Cydia and download all those illicit apps that’ll supercharge your iPhone or iPad.

Five Great Alternatives to MegaUpload
Even though there’s little doubt that MegaUpload was host to some copyrighted material, it was also a great way to upload and share large files, like photo archives and video, and send them to friends without worrying about hosting, Dropbox quotas, or overloaded inboxes. Now that it’s gone however, here are some other great sites that let you share large files effortlessly.


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