How Return of the Jedi Should Have Ended [Video]

[How it Should Have Ended]


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  1. okey it's relly funny but there is some thing wrong in the end, a jedi can only be a spiret if he givs up hes body(the movie info) but yea luckas art change that to that master or they withe great power can be a spiret

    but it's still funy

    • Qui-Gon was a force ghost. Yoda says that at the end of Episode 3, that he can teach Obi-Wan how to communicate with him. And Gui-Gon was murdered, definitely didn't give up his body.

      • Yup, and he (Qui-Gon) also popped up in the third season of the Clone Wars. Funny enough Obi-Wan should've known it in Ep. 3 of the movies already since the clone wars took place between 2 and 3.

        • yea Iknow thats why they change it, they change it for the ep 1,2 and 3, George Lucas saw that there was a hole so he fixt it

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