Amazing Cosplay: [GAS] Contributor Ana Aesthetic as Emma Frost [Pic]

Dear ladies and gentlegeeks, I have the honor of presenting you [GAS] contributor Ana Aesthetic cosplaying in all her Emma Frost glory. Since Ana is too humble to post it herself, I thought she wouldn’t really mind if I took it upon myself to publish the picture to the site. Kudos to Darrell from BGZ Studios for the amazing shot. Oh, and for those who are interested in everything that is involved behind producing a photo shoot like this, here’s a short video detailing all the work was was done before Darell started taking the first picture.

The biggest and most exhausting issue was the fact that we made the set on a very steep hill. I wanted snow on the backgrounds of the picture and making buckets of it and hiking it up and down the hill took over 5 hours to do. I had zero energy left by the time I was ready to begin shooting. Placing lights on the steep hill was also an issue.. People couldn’t stand up there long to hold them due to the angle and the artificial snow was literally not touchable due to its EXTREMELY slippery texture. Meredith could NOT move an inch – Seriously.. if you touched it with your foot.. you fell on your ass.

[Ana Aesthetic | BGZ Studios]