Cosplay Vignette Takes A Look At What the Hobby Means to One Fan

As the resident cosplayer at Geeks Are Sexy, I have to give two thumbs up to this video. This charming girl really struck a chord with me. I’ve seen a few of you make comments about how many of the cosplayers you see (especially featured here) are paid model types, and I’ve even gotten into a disagreement with one or two about this. But this right here is what *most* cosplayers are all about. It’s a fun, inclusive hobby and Sara makes a great spokesperson for the average geek who may think they know what cosplay is all about.

Also, kudos to the team behind this. Well edited and documented. I’d love to see more slices of cosplayer life from this crew!


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  1. There is no reason why you can't talk to anyone. You don't have to have a costume. Once you fight through the fear of being intimidated. You find that 90% of people are friendly.

    You'd be surprised the amount and types of people who play games, or like anime.

  2. *Sigh* I remember the good ole days when people looked at you like you had three heads when you went to McDonald's in costume. Back when no one had a clue what you were dressed up as. My old fart is making an appearance I think.

  3. This. This girl is what we need more of in this community. People keep trying to push others out of the way and create twisted lies so that they can be told that they are the prettiest, they are the best, and they are the most popular all the time. To me, those people just have lost sight of what the hobby is about. It's about fun, new friends, embracing a culture you love, respect, and appreciate, and just having a good time. Whether you buy your costume, make it yourself, or just pulled it out of your closet, if you are having a good time with your friends and loving everything you are doing, then forget the nay sayers and all the stares. Cosplay is about expressing yourself. This girl wins so much.

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