Monday Morning Links Serving: The January 16th Edition

A Gallery of Fantastic Facebook Cover Images
Facebook is changing yet again, and many of you are probably using the new “timeline” format which requires a big ‘ol banner image to go across the top of your profile.

The White House Labels SOPA Censorship And Refuses To Support It
In response to two online petitions the Obama administration called SOPA and PIPA censorship, and announced their opposition to the two bills.

The Best Everything at CES
Well that about does it for CES. We managed to escape Las Vegas with our lives, most of our belongings, and almost none of our dignity intact. But for all our bellyaching, CES is fun. We saw some amazing things out in the desert this year. Here’s a quick rundown of the best:

Five Best Wallpaper Sites
Personalizing your desktop starts with customizing your wallpaper. Finding good wallpapers for your desktop however, isn’t difficult, but everyone has an opinion about which sites are the best to visit for the best selection of wallpapers for high-resolution displays, multiple screens, or the best imagery.

Incredible Recycled Steampunk Wasps
Although viewed by many as a nuisance, wasps actually fulfill an important function in natural biocontrol because they prey upon pest insects. What’s more – quite apart from this – they’re also the perfect subject for a junk assemblage!

The 50 Greatest Geek Movies
Ask any 10 different geeks what their top dozen or so geeky movies are, and you’ll get ten different answers. While there are certain titles that top everyone’s lists, the totality of what can broadly be considered “geek canon” is terrifyingly huge. These fifty films barely scratch the surface of what’s out there, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t believe they all belong.


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