Transparent Touchscreen Window! [Video]

There is a touchscreen window coming out from Samsung that has one way glass, upon which you can check your email, surf websites, or even close virtual blinds.  This is by far the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile.

[Via Geekologie]


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      • The sorts of people that would go out and pay thousands on replacing their windows with something like this, aren't the sort of people that have people walking past them.

        • And just like everything else that was once only for rich people, much like the thing you're using to view this on (whatever it happens to be), it will one day be affordable enough for common man. If… we have blown ourselves up or created some sort of super virus that wipes us out, but you know…. think positive.

        • Ahh yes, but even when its affordable for people like me, I still wouldn't put it on an external window. :-)

  1. I hate when these morons speak about things as being "revolutionary" when they CLEARLY have no knowledge about such technologies – least to the CS behind it.

    The first computer made by a German construction-engineer was sold to the public not long after it being created. This has nothing to do with the 'complexity' and the public not being able to control such devices.
    All electronics are dumbed-down before advertised to the public.

  2. I could see using this technology much more if they rotated it 90 degrees and made an interactive board game table out of it.

  3. people don’t see what’s on the screen, but what do they see when looking from outside? somebody staring through the window and (seemingly random) touching the glass?
    and how do these blinds work? you can’t see out, when closed, but people can still see in?

  4. What strikes me is that this is a very cutting edge and expensive piece of technology that is being aimed at woman. At least women are who I have always seen standing in front of the kitchen window for any length of time, cooking or washing dishes. The features they point out seem to be aimed at women also, especially the recipe app. Never mind the fact that people who can afford to buy this right away almost certainly aren't doing their own cooking and cleaning.

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