50 Photos of Costumers from 1980 [Pics]

As long as nerds have had a convention to call home, costuming has been a part of our niche culture. Check out this treasure trove of photos from Westercon in 1980.

I also have to mention, for all the griping I see online about how women have been a minority in the con scene until recently, when the idea of flashing some skin in a skimpy costume will garner attention, the female force seems to dominate these photos. Not just that, they are looking pretty scandalous! Kudos to us chicks in costume, we’ve been rocking this since the Before Times.

[Via the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society]

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  1. These are so amazing! I love the 70s/80s aesthetic for fantasy and sci/fi. The woman dressed in green (nine rows down to the far right) is my favorite.

  2. A few interesting costumes in there, but most of those costumes were pretty lame. Liking the Buck Rogers dress uniform and the Saturn V robot suit. :)

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