Flight Simulator goes freemium

In the era of modern console gaming, that old classic Flight Simulator has somewhat fallen from public attention since its last edition in 2006. Microsoft has decided the best way to revive it is to give it away free of charge.

There is of course a catch. The game, now rebranded simply Microsoft Flight, is being released under the freemium model. The free download will only allow access to a simulation of Hawaii’s Big Island and only one aircraft, the Icon A5 flying boat (which will be in the game before it flies in the real world).

Users who sign up to a Games for Windows LIVE account will get additional planes and missions. There’ll then be a wide range of aircraft and locations available for an additional fee.

It definitely seems as if Microsoft is trying to make the game more accessible. There’ll be a range of control options, including a simple mouse and keyboard control with an exterior view of the plane. There’ll also be more game-like missions such as looking for material hidden on Hawaii. However, gamers will also be able to use full-blown controls and set the game to be as realistic as its predecessors.

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