Coming Soon: Star Wars Burgers

To promote the re-release of the Star Wars prequels in 3D, a French fast food chain is offering two varieties of themed burgers – the Darth Vader, on a black bun, and the Jedi burger (which is conveniently and thematically brown, it seems).

Of course, this begs the question – what ingredients should be in a Star Wars burger anyway? Wampa meat?

[via buzzfeed]


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    • @ Diane : Quick is French since 2007, although it was originally Belgian.
      You couldn't imagine how French are attracted by junk food.
      There are even websites about burgers, with reviews from all over the world, home made recipes and so on.
      If one could read French, one could enjoy

    • It would probably have a lot of black dye in it though.. Make the bread taste weird and your crap would be a funny color. Anyone ever had a cake with a lot of black or really dark purple frosting? yeah.

  1. Notice how the "Dark Side" burgers come out before the Jedi Burgers do, and look better…

    >Luke: Is the dark side stronger?
    >Yoda: No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.

  2. Or, y'know, maybe pumpernickel buns? That might be an interesting choice for a burger. I can't tell from the picture but I'd expect pepperjack cheese and maybe garlic and chipotle in the burger. Mmmm, the jedi would probably be great with maybe an avocado ranch spread for a green tint or possibly a bleu cheese… Oh man, so many combination ideas! I might just have to make my own!

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