Cosplay Highlights 2011 [Video]

A really cool video from French photographer Omaru showing some of the best cosplay he caught on film during the last year.

So this is a special year ending video I did. It composes of all the great cosplay I’ve seen / taken photos / taken videos of this year (2011). This reflects MY OWN opinion alone so you can all hang me to death if you think that my list isn’t that good.



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  1. Beyond perfection!

    …but I've gotta say…with the level of professional cos play that has cropped up and the level of mainstream attention that the conventions have achieved over the last few year wouldn't it be prudent to have a seperate green-screen room dedicated to cos play pics? I mean with access of Photoshop and other programs to add any desired background….I mean it seems that the players are exuding 90% of the effort compared to the less than 10% given by the conventioneers. Just give them a spot is all I'm saying

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