Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe’Out Track [Video]

This is the “coolest” thing I’ve seen so far this year! :)

Here is a short footage on our recent work on quantum levitation. We were inspired by the game Wipe’out to do our work. With this new technology, we hope to revolutionize the world of motor transport; Maybe in a near future we could assist to a real Wipe’out race.

[Japan Institute of Science and Technology]


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  1. This is fake in SO MANY WAYS !
    The smoke looks after-effected like MAD !
    How could the lil' ships actually advance without any push ? (Magnetic force? HAH, that would fuck up the quantum lock)
    The ships would normally not align to the track during the course, but follow it in the state of spatial rotation where they were in the first place (ie : facing left)
    Why are the Japanese words so badly written on the schematics ?
    Why would they bother mentioning Sony Copyrights (and studio Liverpool as well) ?
    What "Japanese research institute" has grey woodlike floorboards ? HECK, where IN JAPAN is there such a floor ?
    Looks a lot like a viral video to promote WipeOut 2048 for Vita so people do actually remember the IP before it gets on sale. (As nobody really experience nostalgia or special expectations towards the WO brand.)

    • Wipeout has a small, but dedicated following these days. Which is a real shame, as the series has always been rather high quality. It’s just the game is very unforgiving at the higher levels.

  2. track magnets. they explain it with a simple picture before they put them on the track. the smoke is the liquid N2 evaporating out 'fuel' reservoirs. L 2 Physics

    • The camera match-move is not well executed at 00:44 – 00:46. Watch the right hand side of the video and you can see the round track edge and black (4 sided) foot/pedestal actually move away from the edge of the white base its sitting on.

      Looks realistic, but I would say it's fake.

  3. Are you people this dumb? Hasn't anyone seen the quantum magnetics video posted a while back? As someone working in this field the smoke looks pretty real to me. It just might behave different because it's not the type of smoke you'd see in your everyday life. I mean how often do you se evaporating N2 liquids?
    So please get some sense before calling something fake…

    • you haven't worked in physics a day in your life you miserable troll, your five-year-old vocabulary more than proves that. Sadact.

      • >implying that everyone working in physics has perfect english grammar.

        Also I meant the field of creating CG content of all sorts, because I'm actually a 3d-artist, but you probably don't even care so I won't bother you further.
        Said that, I feel even more ashamed that I didn't noticed that it's a 3d animation in the first place, it's realy well executed to give that expression on first glance if you don't try to nitpick on it. But after looking at it for a while it gets realy obvious.

    • After watching it again I feel reals sorry and dumb at the same time…. there's so much that just screams fake in this, that only appeared to me now. -.-

      This whole track is a 3d animation.
      Notice how the black X on the front of the yellow racer isn't visible while it's on the track?
      Also there are some masking errors because at some points there are weird whide edges around the track.
      There's even more that gives it away…

      I'm realy sorry for the false accusing and the probable bad english grammar.

  4. There is no such thing as 'quantum levitation', it's an entirely fictional concept. Two magnetic fields will repel each other and show evidence of "levitation" but because magnetic fields are always eliptical, the levitation is unpredictable and hard to control (just try balancing two baloons on top of each other, same idea). Levitation in the classical sense, without magnetic fields, is not possible without anti-gravity, and anti-gravity requires anti-matter, which currently can't be sustained for long outside of a particle accelerator, and certainly can't be produced by liquid nitrogen. This video is very clearly a viral to promote the new wipeout game, as someone stated above, and all the people claiming to know something about quantum mechanics don't know what they are talking about.

  5. I think the way the track works is that the current-modulated wires (green in the diagram) control the lateral motion of the racers by inducing eddy currents that react to the changes of flux (F = qv × B) which are horizontal where the racers are and the voltage-modulated electrodes (red in the diagram) provide the forward push by means of the electric part of the Lorentz equation (F = qE). Presumably the track wires are segmented and switched in the manner of old fashioned model railways before they got round to putting smarts in the locomotives themselves.

  6. It is a fake. The idea is real, but definitely fake.

    The track the man is holding is real, but look at it – it's badly made and doesn't look like the one shown on the wide shot. The lighting doesn't look convincing. As a 3D artist it stands out a mile.

    • Hmm, the video does seem a bit fake. Apart from the vapour overlaid on high wall in 1:15, there is a bizarrely cast shadow on the side of the table invisible to the cylindrical loop casting that shadow in 0:43–0:46 and an inconsistently truncated shadow of the same structure shown a few seconds later.

      It seems bizarre that the video would describe a clever and plausible way of achieving what it purports to show. (The electrodes can double as capacitive sensors, even.) Did the researchers strike some implementation detail they couldn’t iron out such as long-term altitude and attitude stability of the racers?

      I have a friend who works with superconductors and Bose–Einstein condensates and has access to various exotic materials and gadgets. Hopefully I’ll hear from her soon about whether the induced drift current is indeed perpendicular to both the magnetic and electric (as a diagram in the Wikipedia article on Lorentz Force implies) and whether that can be exploited in the way the diagram in this video suggests.

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