The Age of Aggression: A New Skyrim Cover by Malukah [Video]

Maluka, the charming lady bard we featured a few weeks ago for her amazing interpretation of Skyrim’s The Dragonborn Comes, is back with a new song from the Skyrim world, and once again, she totally charmed with her voice.



5 Responses to The Age of Aggression: A New Skyrim Cover by Malukah [Video]

  1. Death to the Empire! All hail Olfric Stormcloak, the true High King! I won't let any elf, or lady bard tell me how to live my life!

  2. Down with Ulfric! We will not tolerate wanton racism and barbarism from a traitor and old Thalmor agent! He would drive out the lawful empire and hand Skyrim right into their hands.

  3. Ulfric, once the true High King will lead the Nords and all of man against the wretched elves and win back our freedom. Not just for his throne, not just for Skyrim, but for all of us, our wives and our children. We fight not for riches or power but to protect our very lives and livelyhoods. We fight to free ourselves from oppressive rule and honor all those we fight with our blood and steel. Curse the Thalmor, may they all die at the edge of our blades. May we win back Tamriel for all the races of man! I will see many dirty elves beneath my boots before I will stop fighting. Long live Ulfric Stormcloak! Long live the Nords! Long live Skyrim!

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