The Most Accurate Skyrim Fan Film of All Time [Video]

I used to make fan films just like these guys, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

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  1. I learned to hate Skyrims problems and I might not get all of the "humor" of this video… but seriously?
    It's not funny. It's a bad version of making fun of Skyrim (there are MANY good possibilities) and its a month or two late?
    The same goes to the "an arrow to the knee" joke.
    I came to this site and most of the time it had some fun or interesting video/article that made me spend some time and think about one thing or the other… but lately its more of a "click site…. scroll down… leave site" kind of deal and that is kind of sad…. and videos like this.. are why.

  2. The only thing that made me giggle in this was the invisible guy. Only because when I wear the Archmages Robes and the Morokei mask the mask doesn't show and my character has an invisible head. Oh well. Haven't really experienced any other major problems with the game.

  3. I haven't had any one become invisible or any of these glitches except the lag, I've seen people so flying but that was an oblivion thing also when you over maxed the hit points.

  4. I had a mammoth corpse fall in front of me out of the sky once, but I've had none of the problems this lame ass video attempted to lampoon.

  5. The invisible head should have floating eyeballs and teeth. However that being said I have over 180 hours played and I have never had the other issues they show here. Even had I had them, the game is so epic I would forgive it.

    Maybe it is becasue I play on a high end PC gaming rig and not my xbox?

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