“Some girls like superheroes, some girls like princesses….” [Video]

What? Some girls don’t want toys dripping in pink? Little Riley is a bit fed up that every toy in the “girl” section of the store looks like the inside of a Pepto Bismol bottle, and she’s not afraid to let you know about it.

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    • She's only aware because dad's coaching her. You can hear it after she says "boys don't want pink stuff".
      She might very well want to play with superheroes as well as princess dolls, but the rest is from mommy and daddy.

      • So what? I've got news for you- it's ALL from mommy and daddy. That's their job. If this is what mommy and daddy are teaching her, power to them. I'm especially glad that it's from daddy.

        • So what? My point, responding to Dawn, is that she's NOT as aware as she seems; she's just repeating what she's heard her parents say. The reason this video has a few million hits is because a lot of people are under the impression that this little girl came up with this revelation on her own.

          As for the role of the parent, I'd argue that a parent's job is to provide for their child, let them enjoy childhood, and learn to make their own decisions when they're old enough to. There's a big difference between instilling values and letting your child figure out the rest for themselves versus training them to parrot your own ideas.

          Isn't that the same sort of thinking that this video is supposed to be protesting? "Pink is for girls because that's what parents/advertising/society told me?"

  1. Preach it, girlfriend! When I was her age, I had one best friend that I played barbies with and another I played Ninja turtles with. Both of them girls. Why can't a girl have both her bo staff and her high heels?

    • "Why can't a girl have both her bo staff and her high heels? "

      she can, its called cosplay, and it fuels most of geek culture's masturbation fantasies.

  2. I often wondered the same thing as a kid. Sure, the MLPs and Barbies were fun, but I was never a fan of "baby dolls," & often found myself in the boy's section, facing weird looks from people when scouring the gross-out toys, the mad scientist goodies & the Transformers. I even remember having a few people (family & salespeople alike) steer me outta there & saying I was "in the wrong section." Good to know maybe some of that mindset might be changing, now. :):)

  3. Yeah, I had that same irritation as a kid. I NEVER had a baby doll. I did have a Jem doll, but come on, she was bigger and better than barbie, whom I hated. And I'm blonde! You could bend Jem's arms and legs way before barbie. But yeah, I liked the boys toys, they did cool stuff. And I'm fine with cross over in the toy department, I'm not okay with trying to erase gender differences. Some of it was social pressure, but that's calmed down a lot and our brains and our hormones are different. But that doesn't mean we have to paint all girls in pink tutus and all boys in camo. Happy medium.

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