Warren Louw’s Geektastically Sexy Art [Pictures]


Warren Low, a Johannesburg, South Africa-based illustrator really knows his way around an electronic drawing pad, especially when it comes to drawing beautiful women. The amazing pictures you see in the gallery below were all created via his 24″ iMac with a Wacom Intuos3 A4 Tablet Pen and Photoshop CS3.

[Warren Louw: Facebook | Deviantart]

14 Responses to Warren Louw’s Geektastically Sexy Art [Pictures]

    • Yay, inability to accept that this style of artwork is about the fantasy not a realistic expectation of what women should look like!

      I get so sick of that kind of bullshit, if you're insecure enough to think you need to look a certain way to be sexy, no artistic imagery is going to make you worse.

  1. where's the sexy dudes? … this guy should definitely give it a try, he must get bored drawing boobs sometimes (maybe not as bored as I am of seeing them, but still – variety people!)

  2. Not all geeks are male or straight. Let's balance those big tits with big packages! If women shouldn't feel insecure about seeing tiny waists and huge breasts, then guys shouldn't feel intimidated by long, full bulges. Because size *does* matter, boys.

  3. Cool pics. Love the fact the cartoons look sort of real and 3-d-ey. Interesting mix of (mens?) comments about the female body too. I get more insecure about the perfect hair they all have… heh heh

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