Tim’s Awesome Internet Meme-Themed Wedding Proposal [Video]

A very touching and original wedding proposal by Timothy Tiah.

For the first time, we got to shoot a proposal and it was real fun. It was a covert mission (ok la..more like a paparazzi mission). We went to venue a day before to scout the place, discuss how to hide those cameras and look at how to be invisible.

On that day, we were all dressed in black. Talked using walkies. Used wine bottles, glasses, cutleries, vases and flowers as cover. We sat around the restaurant as guests but with our cameras on. And yes, we achieved total invisibility. Audrey walked into the restaurant, sat with her friends and never noticed us.

Not until the prime time when Tim revealed himself with meme place cards that was part of his proposal. That was when all the cameras (all 4 in total) started rolling.

[Via Youbentmywookie | Tim’s Blog | Audrey’s Blog]


5 Responses to Tim’s Awesome Internet Meme-Themed Wedding Proposal [Video]

  1. @3:31 you can see that he had a "Asked Audrey to marry me, she said no" flashcard with the forever alone guy on it.