Internet Fandom By The Numbers [Infographic]

Ouch! Twilight is second, just a little behind Harry Potter. Something is seriously wrong with this world, but I think you all already know this.

[Source: Set Phasers to LOL]

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  1. I’m thinking the only reason Twilight got such a high rating is because of all the rabid fangirls who multi-post and multi-vote. Of course, I could be ignoring the cougar fanbase…

  2. I nominate this for the worst designed infographic ever. My eyes can't even focus on it without making them want to vomit tears of blood. >_>

  3. The method of comparison is fundamentally flawed, as the Star Wars(and Trek for that matter) fanbase tends to be older and less prone to use facebook and/or take the time to "like" Star Wars/Trek, which puts the franchises at a disadvantage. I believe that the most reliable way of comparing these franchises, in the case, is assume that vollume = quality, which is a generally flawed concept, but taking into account the fact that spin-offs are spawned in a reaction to a demanding fan-base is true when looking at the statistic. Clearly the best indicatior of vollume of content in the infographic is the wiki article count, therefor Star Wars wins, followed by Trek and Doctor Who.

    All is right in the universe once more.

  4. Also worth noting that many people don't bother liking Star Wars because every other post would remind people about how much Lucas has twisted the original movies, and makes them die a little more inside.

  5. Also The Wiki counts are taken from the main Wikis, they don't include Wikipedia or any of the many fan run Wikis. Plus Doctor Who has almost twice ase many ebay listings as shown here.

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