The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [First Official Trailer]

Yep, this is it, geeks: The first official trailer for Peter Jackson’s retelling of The Hobbit is here, and it looks AWESOME. Enjoy!



8 Responses to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [First Official Trailer]

  1. I'm just glad it's not coming out anytime soon, with the BBC starting Sherlock season 2 on januari 1st. xD If you're wondering what I mean, compare the two actorlists on imdb. *giggle*

  2. You know what? You could just take the rest of the week off and enjoy your Christmas. This alone should serve me enough until then. Thank you.

  3. totally got goosebumps when the dwarves started singing….I think I just pissed in my panties Im so excited. How will I wait a whole freaking year to see this?!?!

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