Readers’ Ink: Sexy Geeks with Awesome Tattoos – Part II

Once again, we asked you geeks for pics of your geeky body art, and as we’ve come to know in the past, you guys delivered… and some more. We received over 200 submissions! Naturally, we can’t really post all of these here, but here is a selection of some of our favorites.

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If you’d like to have your tattoo(s) featured on geeks are sexy, hit the contact section at the top of the blog and send us pictures of your geeky ink! There will be a another round of Readers’ Ink in the future, and we don’t want to catch you unaware next time.

19 Responses to Readers’ Ink: Sexy Geeks with Awesome Tattoos – Part II

  1. 1.Star wars
    2.Alice (maybe)
    5.Star Wars again
    9.peguin club
    10. Star Wars again
    11.Lego spaceman
    12.Transformers (classic)
    14. various marvel characters
    15. Venom
    17. Wizard Of Oz
    20 Doctor Who (=D)
    24.Natuto again
    28. Zelda (with Japanese characters)
    30.Hello Kitty
    32. Zelda
    33. Batman
    40. creepy Alice In Wonderland
    41. UC scan
    43.Green Lantern

  2. Let's see: Star Wars, Harry Potter, ?, Batman, Yoda, Raphael, Zelda, ?, Linux, R2D2, Lego Man, Optimus Prime, ?, Silver Surfer, Spawn, ?, Wizard of Oz, Super Mario, Iron Man, Tardis, Superman, Space Balls, ?, ?, Firefly, robot, Tesla, Zelda, Bladerunner, Hello Kitty, don't remember the name, Zelda, Joker and Harley, Hellboy, clap trap, Cthulu, Ghostbusters, ?, Thor, Lord of the Rings, Lego Man, a really twisted Cheshire Cat, QR code, Zelda, ?, Spyro, Bowser, Super Mario, Star Wars

  3. Star Wars, Harry Potter (Maraunder's Map), Mass Effect, Batman, Yoda, Raphael TMNT, Zelda-triforce, Harry Potter – Dark Mark, Linux, r2d2, Legos astronaunt, optimus prime, nightcrawler, silver surfer – glactus, Venom, Han Solo, wizard of oz, mario, iron man, tardis-doctor who, darkseid, spaceballs, serentiy, futurama- robot devil, tesla, zelda, rachael-blade runner, hello kitty, invader zim, zelda again, joker-harley quinn, hellboy, claptrap, cthulhu,ghostbusters, mythosaur,thor,lord of the rings, legos astronaut again, cheshire cat, Link, spyro, fygar, bowser, mario, star wars slave girl

  4. Here goes nothing!
    1. And Frosted Cup-Trooper
    2. HP and the Marauder's Map
    3. Mass Effect
    4. Gotham's Dark Knight
    5. Yoda, master Jedi He is
    6. Raphael is cool but rude
    7. A little Tri-Force on my shoulders
    8. the Death Eaters
    9. Tux Penguin… ruler of all free OS's
    10. R2
    11. Boldly go where no Brick has gone before
    12. Big Bad Megatron
    13. Night Crawler
    14. All hail Galactus… even the babes
    15. Venom is caustic
    16. I think Lucas fired the first shot and we all payed the price
    17. Follow the yellow brick road
    18. Mario – Occupy Dinosaur Island
    19. He is Ironman
    20. TARDIS
    21. Apocalypse and the Man of Steel
    22. Spaceball's the Tattoo
    25. Serenity
    26. Who knew Robot Hell would be real? AND it's in New Jersey
    27. Poe
    28. Zelda
    29. What do Androids dream of? Probably the Blade runner babe
    30. Hello pretty… I mean Kitty
    31. Invader Zim
    32. Zelda
    33. Love… it's a JOKE
    34. the Right hand of Doom
    35. Claptrap
    36. All Hail Cuthulu
    37. Stay puff… Gozer the Gozarian
    38. Mandalorian pride
    39. Thor
    40. The Fellowship must find their way
    41. One small step for bricks.. One giant leap, for LEGO-kind
    42. Cheshire smile
    43. Ron Fricke – QR nerd
    44. Link
    45. A Galaxy of Lanters
    46. Spyro!!
    47. Beware the ludacris Koopa
    48. Koopa crusher for life
    49. The slave girl of my dreams

  5. 1. Star Wars
    2. Harry Potter (marauders map incantation)
    3. Mass Effect
    4. Batman
    5. Star Wars
    6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    7. Legend of Zelda (triforce)
    8. Harry Potter (Dark Mark)
    9. Linux
    10. Star Wars
    11. Lego (space man)
    12. Transformers
    13. Marvel – X-men (night crawler)
    14. Marvel – Silver Surfer
    15. Marvel – Venom and Punisher mash-up
    16. Star wars (Han shot first!)
    17. Wizard of Oz
    18. Super Mario Brothers
    19. Marvel – Ironman
    20. Dr. Who
    21. DC Superman
    22. Space balls
    23 & 24 unkown but cool
    25. Serenity
    26. Futurama
    27. Nikola Tesla
    28. Zelda
    29. Bladerunner
    30. Hello Kitty
    31. Maria rides the piggy?
    32. Zelda
    33. DC- Joker and Harely Quinn
    34. Hellboy
    35 – ClapTrap (comic)
    36. cthulhu
    37. The Real Ghostbusters
    38. Star Wars (Mandalorian Mythosaur)
    39. Thor
    40. Lord of the rings
    41 Lego (spaceman)
    42. Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire cat (steampunk)
    43. QR code
    44. Legend of Zelda
    45. DC – Green Lantern (lantern corps)
    46. Spiro
    47. Dig Dug
    48 Super Mario Brothers
    49. Star Wars

  6. 1.Stormtrooper cupcake from Star Wars
    2.The password to the Marauders Map, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and forward
    3.Commander Shepard’s armor, Mass Effect
    4.Batman comic
    5.Yoda and Darth Sideous Mash-up, Star Wars
    6.Rafael from TMNT
    7.The Crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule (sometimes mistakenly refered to as the Triforce) from the legend of Zelda.
    8.The dark mark of the Death-Eaters, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and foreward
    9.Tux the Linux penguin!
    10.R2-D2 of course from Star Wars
    11.A classic Lego Spaceman
    12.Optimus Prime from Transformers
    13.Nightcrawler from the X-men
    14.Silver Surfer and friends (or enemies)
    15.Venom and Punisher mash-up
    16.Han’s blaster wit “shoot first” on a banner, from the age old Star wars episode IV debate, who shot first, Greedo or Han. They appear to not be taking a side here… (Han shot first.)
    17.A Wizard of Oz montage
    18.Super Mario sleeves!
    19.Iron Man
    20.The Tardis, from doctor who (it’s bigger on the inside)
    21.Super man montage
    22.The Space-Balls equivalent of a Storm-trooper. (the Schwarts is strong with this one)
    23.Sasuke’s Curse Mark from Naruto
    24.GLOW IN THE DARK Sasuke’s Curse Mark from Naruto
    25.The firefly “Serenity” from Serenity and Firefly
    26.The Robot Devil from Futurama
    27.Nikola Tesla (RIP)
    28.Another crest of the royal family, this time with the Japanese characters for “power, courage” and “wisdom” inscribed in the triforce at the top, from legend of Zelda
    29.Rachel from Blade Runner
    30.Hello-Kitty Montage
    31.Gir from Invader Zim (VICTORY, VICTORY FOR ZIM!)
    32.Link and Zelda with pieces of heart above their head (for the record, that’s ADORABLE) from Legend of Zelda
    33.Joker and Harlequin from Batman
    35.The Revolver Claptrap from Borderlands! (am I leaking?)
    36.Lovecraft’s Dark Lord Cthulu
    37.Ghostbusters Montage
    38.Boba Fett’s Mythosaur emblem from star wars
    39.Classic Thor
    40.A Badass compass rose from LOTR with elvish script around the outside. If I had more patience I would translate ;)
    41.Another Lego spaceman
    42.A Very scary Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland
    43.A QR code
    44.Link from zelda with the Trifoce above his head
    45.Emblems of the different lanterns from Green lantern
    47.Another super Mario featuring bowser and a little blue dragon
    48.A cool super Mario sleeve
    49.And the slave Leia from star wars: return of the jedi

  7. Seems I'm a little late on trying my hand. On a side note the 2 I couldn't figure out the mouse over text gave away soo……

  8. 1. Star Wars – Stormtrooper
    2. Harry Potter part 4
    3. Mass Effect
    4. Batman
    5. Star Wars – Yoda
    6. TMNT – Raphael
    7. Zelda
    8. Harry Potter – Dark Mark
    9. Linux
    10. Star Wars – R2-D2
    11. Lego spaceman
    12. Transformers – Optimus Prime
    15. Silver Surfer
    16. Spiderman – Venom
    17. Star Wars
    18. Return to Oz
    19. Super Mario
    20. Iron Man
    21. Doctor Who – TARDIS!!!!!!!! :)
    22. Superman
    23. Spaceballs
    27. Firefly/Serenity!!!
    28. Futurama – Robot Hell
    29. Tesla – inventor/engineer
    30. Zelda
    31. Bladerunner
    32. Hello Kitty
    33. Invader Zim
    34. Zelda
    35. Joker & Harley
    36. Hellboy
    37. Cthulu?
    38. Ghostbusters
    39. Star Wars- Mythosaur
    40. Thor
    41. Lord of the Ring
    42. Lego spaceman
    43. Alice in Wonderland – Cheshire Cat
    44. QR
    45. Zelda
    46. Green Lantern
    47. Spyro
    48. Mario
    49. Mario
    50. Star Wars – Leia

  9. i just want to give a shout out to the amazing artists that did the tattoo work. most of these are ASTOUNDING. a cool geek tattoo is only as good as the artist's ability. all the folks that submitted their pieces did their research on tattoo artists. that is true geekery! well done.

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