Monday Morning Links Serving: The December 19th Edition

Trolls have a poster of this guy on their bedroom walls
This is an actual email I received from a user back in ’05. This email has been sitting on my hard drive just for this very day when I could unleash it upon my fellow sympathetic readers.

HTTP Status Cats Make Internet Errors Cute
The Internet and cats go together like a sausage-egg-and-cheese, so it’s only fitting that someone should make them a perfect hybrid.

15 Aweome Santacon Pics From All Over The World
As many of you may or may not know, every December in cities all around the world people get into crazy Santa gear for what’s known as something called Santacon.

The Brutal Sport of Modern Day Jousting
The ground thunders as the beast races towards you, nostrils flaring. You can see nothing of the face of your opponent, which is encased in a metal helmet, but you can feel his determination as he points his lance towards you […]

Five Best Android Tablets
Regardless of what you need a new Android tablet for, here are five of the best ones for the job, based on your nominations.


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