Melanie Thompson’s Sexy Latex Stormtrooper Suit [Pic]

[GAS] reader Melanie Thompson designs latex clothes for a living. Check out this pretty awesome (and sexy!) picture of a Stormtrooper latex suit she recently made.

The helmet we bought online and it is a EFX Replica helmet, my husband already had the blaster and I bought white Dr. Martins for my boots! We are pretty big Star Wars fans and I have always wanted the real armor, but one day I realized I could make my own Storm Trooper inspired cat suit! It zips all the way down the back and around the front on the crotch so I can easily use the bathroom :)

Thanks Melanie!

[Stormtrooper Latex Suit by Adala Clothing | Photo by]


13 Responses to Melanie Thompson’s Sexy Latex Stormtrooper Suit [Pic]

  1. It looks off, mainly because the helmet doesn't go with the latex suit, making her head look huge, and it throws off the aesthetics.

    And did she really put the zipper in the crjavascript: postComment(0);otch JUST for going to the toilet…..?

    • Your a retard. its a halloween costume.. from a fetish party… its not suppose to an accurately scaled copy of the original.

      Shakes his head. i think your clenching too tight.. all the time… might help to relax a little and get your self a crotch zipper so you can finally drop a duce.

    • I have to agree. When I took a look at this, I didn't see it screaming "sex appeal!" Maybe it's just you and me, but all I see is a girl in a suit that simply doesn't properly accentuate her curves and with a ridiculously oversized head reminiscent of the big head mode found in maybe a few too many video games. I can't help but feel that a little more thought and work put into this would have also benefitted the fetishists this is obviously geared towards, not just you and me.

    • Trid – those boots are awesome and would have been perfect! I think she looks pretty hot, regardless of whether the head is too big or not!

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