“Spielberg Face” [Video]

A pretty neat video essay exploring the phenomenon of “Spielberg Face”, that look that nearly every major character in every Spielberg film gives at one point or another, to signify that some major business is going down.  It’s worth a look.  A look…of wonder.

[Via Film Drunk]


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  1. Thank you for this interesting analysis. I have always liked the film AI, despite the reviews and commentaries. I consider it to have a level of profundity that escapes toe casual viewer – and, apparently, the critics, who seek simple and surface storytelling.

  2. I think many critics found AI to be too "on the nose" with its sentiments, but still, I agree with you in that it was a good movie. That being said, this documentary was well done. I'd love to see a longer run time with a bigger editing budget – – I think this doc deserves it.

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