Newsarama’s Holiday Gift Guide For Friends

If you happen to be looking for the perfect gift for that special nerd in your life, look no further than Graphic Collectibles.  You’ll find original comic pages for sale here, at some pretty decent prices.

From the site:

Whether you are a seasoned comic book art collector or just an appreciator of original children’s book illustrations, Graphic Collectibles offers the most diverse selection of comic art and illustration art to satisfy everyone’s tastes! We receive new original artwork on a regular basis, and notify our clients on our mailing list first. If there is a piece of illustration artwork or comic book artwork you are looking for that you don’t see on our site, let us know and we can possibly help you find it. We look forward to hearing from you.

I usually do the cheap thing: my walls are adorned with plastic-wrapped issues of actual comics.  So there’s a bunch of “Invisibles” and “Preacher” stuff everywhere.  But how cool would it be to have actually art up?  I usually have to wait for Comicon to get the hook-up like this.

[Via Newsarama’s Gift Guide]

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