All the Ron Swanson You Can Handle

If any of you have seen “Parks and Recreation”, then you’ll know that it’s mostly a much-less-funny version of “The Office”.  However, there is one shining beacon of light on an otherwise mediocre show, and that is the presence of Ron Swanson.  This tribute to him, delivered by Uproxx, is epic and awesome.

[Picture Source: Sam Spratt | Via Uproxx]


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  1. Perhaps you've been watching another show, Parks and Recreation has far more to offer than the embarrassingly unconvincing stupidity of Michael Scott. Nonetheless, you are right that Ron Swanson is THE MAN.

  2. Parks and Rec is so much better than The Office, and that's coming from an Office fan. The Office started going downhill mid season 4, and as of right now, is currently laying in its grave.

    • NOW it's funnier, because as you mentioned, The Office is just terrible now (I actually stopped watching). I like Parks and Recs, but the best season of it can't even come close to the best seasons of The Office. The writing in The Office was as close to perfect as you can get Seasons 1-3. 4 and 5 werent bad either, but it was when the show slowly started slipping. The characters in P&R are pretty awesome though. I love Ron, Tom, Andy, and April.

  3. Not sure if JDO doesn't understand good humor, or hasn't seen P&R since they found their rhythm in Season 2.

    Regardless, the dismissive matter-of-fact tone of the opinion causes GAR to lose some status.

  4. I don't generally bother to post any comments, but I had to on this one.

    Seriously? "much-less-funny"? Is this ignorance or stupidity? I'm a huge Office fan, but after the first season of Parks and Rec, it is seriously not hard to see why that show is clearly better. It is far more humorous, witty, and has far better writing. It's considered one of the best shows on television right now, on lists that don't even have a mention of The Office.

    If you don't like it, that's one thing, but this just looks like you guessed and haven't seen the show.

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