Cars of the Future are Closer Than You Think

Mitsubishi unveiled the EMIRAI at Tokyo Motor Show last week. This concept car’s sleek design is one step away from flying!

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  1. This is already obsolete. That much interface in unnecessary and in 10 years we will have cars where you get in, speak a destination and then the car will drive you there safely.

    Google already has those!for their streetmap-thing. – In 10 years (hopefully 5) they will be common.

    The other type of car we will have is the fully non-digital hobbycars or freedomcars like roadsters, jeeps or recreational cars.

  2. My wife has a 2011 Ford Explorer with touch screen Navigation, radio, climate, and phone controls. all the cars information is displayed next to the speedometer. Just guess how many times that crap is screwed up, and the manufacturers suggested quick fix? Why disconnect the battery and wait five mins. of course. I also have a 2011 Chevy 1500 for work with Onstar which has never gave me a problem ( It's a Chevy =-D ) but the fact that someone can locate and disable my truck at any given moment kinda wireds me out.

  3. Question is. Will that much technology actually be a good thing? What happens when it breaks? how much is that crap going to cost you? I remember my first car and the sense of freedom it came with. I could take off in that 4 cylinder P.O.S. and escape my problems for a short while. Now you can track my a$$ wherever i go and call me every 5mins from my damn rear view mirror.

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