Elves with Lightsabers [Video]

These ladies obviously need a little help with their lightsaber technique… but still… the video still isn’t all that bad I guess.

[Via Geek Tyrant]


8 Responses to Elves with Lightsabers [Video]

  1. i'll admit to having mixed feelings here, as this video firmly sits at the fulcrum of male geekdom. the geek side of me watches this and says, "never let her grab your saber like that!", whereas the male side of me says of the brunette, "please let her grab my saber like that!"

    color me flummoxed.

  2. I'm really glad I sat down and watched the entirety of The Guild on Netflix last week, or else those faces would not have been familiar.

  3. it is fairplay to dont have fight in the wheel, the fight would be shorter ^^ its rare to see a wheelchair girl in a movie, so we cant ask to make a very fast fight (i'm in wheelchair, i know what i speack about ^^)

  4. i loved that they had tink and that girl in the wheel chair from the guild here …. have no idea who the brunette is from though

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