$850 will get you the coolest fashion accessory since the skinny tie.  That is a vest.  With an 8-inch subwoofer built in.  Oh my gracious.  Glorious.  And to top it all off, it looks like the Ghostbusters proton packs.  This is the best thing to happen to parties since keg stands.

You just found a one of a kind mobile party. All you need to do is charge the batteries and plug in your mp3 player. The main sound comes from a set of two amplified motorcycle speakers just off your shoulders. The bass comes from a low-profile amplified 8″ subwoofer. The power comes from a custom 10 cell rechargeable battery belt, size 36. You will easily be the loudest person in the room. The vest comes with a battery charger for the belt and a wire to connect your tunes to the vest. You have independent volume and subwoofer controls on your hip.

[Buy the vest at Etsy]


2 Responses to PARTY VEST

  1. great…………just what the gangsta rap wannabe without a car needs.
    Not not only can you scramble your brains and ruin your hearing with the volume at '11' on his mp3 with the earbuds shoved in assdeep, but now mess up your electro-cardial system with lung puncturing bass.

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