Entire Planets Made of Diamond May Exist

In the future, rich countries won’t exploit poor countries to mine their diamonds.  They’ll just deport those countries to outer space, where people will be forced to mine entire planets.

In the study, lead author Wendy Panero took an amount of carbon, iron, and oxygen and subjected it to enormous pressures at high temperatures. If you’re hoping to recreate the experiment at home, set your oven to Wendy Panero (3,800ºF) and apply 65 gigapascals of pressure (9.5 million pounds / square inch). In Panero’s experiment, the researchers sought to mimic the conditions deep within the Earth. They observed rust forming from the combination of iron and oxygen, but pure carbon was also produced, which in turn became diamond.

Originally, Panero and her team were looking to catalog different reactions that could occur during the formation of other worlds. Their goal was to figure out how a watery ocean-planet might form, as this could give clues to finding life-sustaining planets. However, the formation of diamond in their experiment led the team to a startling conclusion: They believe that planets, perhaps up to 15 times the size of Earth, comprised of more than 50% diamond could exist in our galaxy.

via Geekosystem