Slave Leia Meets a Wampa [Gallery]

Now how could slave Leia actually meet a Wampa? We all know that this is impossible! But thanks to my friend and photographer extraordinaire Robin Gatti Cook, and Geeks are Sexy reader Karinna, both can now be admired together without the wampa trying to rip Leia’s head from her body. Check it out:

So everyone knows I have such a thing for Star Wars (the originals of course!) and just recently I found the most amazing Wampa Rug over at ThinkGeek. I had him in my cart for months and a few weeks ago I just said heck with it, I am getting him! My friend Karinna just got in her Slave Leia costume so we thought it would be fun to put the 2 together for a cute little remix.

Thanks Robin, Karinna! :)

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