Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Worst Teacher of All Time [Comic]

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    • I know I belong to a rare kind of persons, but personally I like eps 1-3 more than 4-6. I am still young (23) so I didn't have much time to build any emotional connection or whatever to the old movies before the new ones came out.

      The only thing I hate about eps 1-3 is Hayden Christensen, though he is still bearable considering the bigger picture.

  1. no, palpatine had been mentoring anakin since he was a child. jedi are allowed to pursue personal relationships, just not romantic ones. by the time the jedi council (not obi wan) asked anakin to spy on palpatine, they had been friends for years. the only reason that they asked again was because of this pre existing relationship. the cartoon is funny, but factually incorrect.

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