Hilariously Bad Star Trek Mattress Ad [Video]

Yes, this is as bad as it sounds. Check it out:

At least, it gets the message accross… and it’s kind of getting viral right now, so to the people who made the ad: good job guys!

[Via GTDW]


3 Responses to Hilariously Bad Star Trek Mattress Ad [Video]

  1. These guys (Dodds Furniture and Mattress from Victoria BC) are local icons. This is only one of many! Hindiana Dodd and the Temple of Savings, Thatguy (similar to a certain caped crusader), Spidey Dodd….and more coming! The ads are corny, fun and do get the message across.

  2. Super Gordy…up, up and save! The elevator in my building just wouldn't be the same without a Dodd's ad in it.