The Greatest Speech Ever Made… as Told by Darth Vader [Video]

What do you get when you mix the audio of what is probably the greatest speech that has ever been made with some footage of Darth Vader dying in the arms of his son? A little more than 4 minutes of pure awesomeness, this is what you get.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go away for a few minutes. I think I’ve got a little sand stuck in my eyes.

[Via The Mary Sue]


12 Responses to The Greatest Speech Ever Made… as Told by Darth Vader [Video]

  1. Darth Vader has obviously never met a rabid tea bagger then. I've yet to meet someone from the Tea Party that wants to help anyone who doesn't conform to their own set of "moral" standards.

  2. And for thodr who may need a history refresher or haven't seen the other videos, the speech was originally from a performance by Charlie Chaplain in a move entitled "The Great Dictator" (with obvious references to Adolf Hitler)

  3. it would’ve been awesome if you had used footage from the actual movies (1 through 6), rather than the comes wars series.

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