How I Feel Watching Star Wars Sometimes [Picture]

Yep, that about sums it up!


6 Responses to How I Feel Watching Star Wars Sometimes [Picture]

  1. they only use the force if some politicians from "the republic" say so. otherwise they are bad and are bad like the sith.
    also han shot first.

    • The jedi have always done their best to help maintain order in the republic along with the rest of the universe. They are a separate order, that works with the republic not for it. It's true that over time the republic has tried to use them for their own means. This has even led to conflict. That's why Luke has begun to move the order off world. As to let people see something that they already know. The jedi serve the force not the republic. Read a book kid.

  2. It's a fantasy with no grounding in reality. "The Force" is a mysterious magical force. Right away it's got logical and empirical problems. You might find it more fruitful asking questions that may have real answers and lead to real progress in your life. Maybe something a little less fantastic.

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