Modern Warfare 3 Rap [Eminem “Without Me” Song Parody]

Geeks are Sexy readers Chad and Angie from the Screen Team have recently released this funny MW3 video parodying Eminem’s “Without Me”, and while I’m not a big fan of the game, I thought the video was funny… and I kind of enjoyed Angie’s Catwoman suit. ;)

[The Screen Team]


4 Responses to Modern Warfare 3 Rap [Eminem “Without Me” Song Parody]

  1. Funniest part about the entire song was that although the guy toted MW3 as the greatest game, which any sensible gamer would say otherwise, there wasn't a hot chick for MW3. Most likely because the sexy girls are much more likely to play a real game…like Counter-Strike or Starcraft or Skyrim over MW3.

    • agreed he just only proved that hes a fan boy and not a true gamer. i mean all MW3 is a few new guys that you can LVL up and a few new maps ooooooooo so original. He is not a gamer just a fan boy and should realy try the other games you spoke about……but noobs will be noobs.

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