This is what WTF is all about [Video]

Warning: This video may cause your eyes and ears to start bleeding. You’ve been warned.

[Source: Sardonicus1313 | Via IO9]

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    • Damn it, someone beat me to it! No real surprise, but… Somehow, I get the feeling that's what the hero(I assume) asked the pink haired dude, and that's why he got so pissed off.

      I can just see it; he pulls up in his dog-pulled cart, and just asks which way to the Shotokan Dojo, the other guy responds, and the fight ensues…

  1. first of all…… since when did samurai (I think that's what heart-face paint is supposed to be) carry dirks?
    then there's the german shepherds, the point of red-hair growin this epic fro, and where the hell did he get that crazy wheel of death? Are those things a commodity found lyin everywhere where they are?

  2. I think it must be said: WTF. I kept thinking, "Why am I watching this? I don't need to be watching this. In fact, I'd rather not be watching this." …but I couldn't tear my eyes away.

    Also, I have never seen a Gladius wielded as a knife. I think my Italian ancestors may be a bit insulted by that.

  3. The words do not exists that could ever describe what I just saw, but I must know how it ends. Damn you Birdman! I had resolution with the "magically red haired jousting dog trainer guy" burning out of existence as an X on the ground. (you don't get to say that every day.) Damn you for arriving just before the end of the clip!

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