Geek Love: TLC’s Look at Con Speed Dating

TLC, the television station known for reality shows of “personal stories,” is taking on a new topic next month: geek dating. Geek Love follows something that is becoming a staple at conventions: speed dating. In this case, the cameras were at New York Comic Con, where the setup for speed dating is pretty conventional aside from the fact that most of the participants are in costume.

We wrote previously about the issue of geek disclosure in online dating, and so you can see the appeal of finding a date in the convention environment. The practice itself seems pretty great, but the question is how TLC will treat the subject matter.

The show will air in two back-to-back 30-minute installments on December 18, and there might be more, depending on ratings. Of course, I bet the real jackpot for TLC will be if a couple hooks up from the show, gets married, and has 20 kids.


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  1. If I were that dude dressed as Casey Jones and a girl thought I was Jason, it would be over in like two seconds. IF SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHO CASEY JONES IS SHE IS TOO YOUNG FOR YOU.

    • You'd think being a big Ninja Turtles fan that she would know that… or maybe the two look so similar, and without a hockey stick… it wasn't clear.

  2. This is pretty entertaining. I do the con scene once in a while but I hope that there are more segments- I know some people who would probably be REALLY interested in it. As for me- I met my hubby through the Cons… Kinda, a friend of one of my con friends. ROFLMAO.

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