Visual Effects in Movies: The Green Screen

That’s kind of sad when you think of it… gone are the days when people had to film scenes directly on location.

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  1. Is greenscreen overused? Yes. Is it killing a lot of practical effects? Totally, and unfairly so. But does it help filmmakers skip the bullshit of paying for permits, closing off streets, coordinating times and locations, paying for security, and being on a time crunch when it comes to lighting and dressing the set? Absolutely, and if that HELPS the film then it's totally awesome. But, y'know, half the time it just cheapens things so… there we go.

  2. I don't appreciate the negative response the OP gave to the use of green screen. Green screen is a very good technique to manage time for productions especially for tv shows when their budgets are smaller than feature films. Tv shows are MUCH faster and everything needs to be properly set up. Going to location costs a lot more, and always need to be concerned for weather, crowd control, etc. Tv shows are also generally situated in specific settings so they can film the entire season in a studio with standing sets.

  3. Wow! I have to admit that I had no idea how often green screen was used in TV shows. There were quite a few of those shots I would not have known were green screened at all. They look completely… well… natural. I really think that's quite amazing, and if I had a hat, I'd be tipping it to the guys and gals who put that stuff together.

    Great video! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. I don't think green screens are such a bad thing. It allows for cheaper filming meaning more Independent and creative products release instead of only big budget movies. Also it makes sense when filming for a period piece. When streets looked very different.

  5. We run a green screen studio here in Germany, and I must say, the amusing competition right now comes from direct CGI. A competing product for years, most every car ad I understand nowadays circumnavigates using an actual car, but much rather is entirely rendered from scratch ^^

  6. We have been using such techniques since the beginning of both photography and video. It is being widely used now due to better technology. As a photographer and digital artist I love having it as a tool to use, at the same time it is nice to choose not to use them. Good example is the Steampunk series my studio partner and I created earlier this year. We created the images without the use of any chromakey tools, wanting the work to stand on it's own merits instead of some computer generated background. When it comes to time and budget constraints, scheduling conflicts and so on, it can be an indispensable tool as well. We have come a long way from black cloth and acetate sheets on the ground glass.

  7. A lot of that came from Stargate Digital and its worth noting that one of the shows (Ugly Betty) actually relocated to NY because they realized it was actually cheaper to shoot NYC in NYC instead of faking it in LA… Nonetheless, it allows TV shows to produce things that simply weren't possible previously under the kind of time and budget constraints that TV faces.

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