Monday Morning Links Serving: The November 21st Edition

10 Most Incredible Volcanic Eruptions Seen from Space
Dangerously hot ash spewing forth from a volcanic vent and lava traveling at great speed down a mountainside and incinerating everything in its path is not something most people would want to witness from close up.

Real Life Dragonborn Kid Earns Free Bethesda Games Forever
Meet Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer, born on 11/11/11 who was named after the Dragon language translation of “Dragonborn.”

Top 10 Ways to Customize Your Technology, Both Inside and Out
The technology we buy isn’t particularly unique in and of itself, but thanks to several customization tools and services we can easily add our unique style. These are our ten favorite ways to customize your computers and smartphones, both inside and out.

Siri, Coming To an Android Near You?
We already know that Siri does most of its processing server-side, and that Apple’s claims of hardware as a limiting factor are tenuous at best. But new research from French developer Applidium reveals that Apple is truly full of it.

Stephen Hawking: Colonize space, or else
His fears have been profound. His warnings have been chilling.


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