HILARIOUS: Chuck Norris WOW Commercial [Video]

There are 10 million people in the World of Warcraft… because Chuck Norris allows them to live!

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8 Responses to HILARIOUS: Chuck Norris WOW Commercial [Video]

  1. The Chuck Norris jokes are kinda funny (so-so), but in this video I can only see a not really convincing old man thus in a pathetic context. Kinda sad.

  2. I found this highly entertaining. The inception of Chuck Norris Jokes, especially in World of Warcraft dates back years ago, but I thought it was still funny after all these years, and to the fact that Mr. Norris agreed to dot he commercial. I especially liked the "…but Chuck Norris is not a hunter, and hunting would imply FAILURE." Roundhouse kicks, punches, and the Chuck Norris tight blue jeans = great nod to a great man.

  3. LOL, 10 million people…more like 10 million accounts which is a vastly different thing considering how many gold farmers there are. WoW went to shit a long time ago. And this commercial was just flat. I almost feel bad for Chuck Norris…almost

  4. Yes, there are roughly 10 million active accounts in WoW. Latest numbers have it slightly under that margin. There has been a rather large decline in the game's active subscribers. But this is hardly a surprise. Games get old, and people go to find entertainment elsewhere.

    As for the video, wasn't all that great. Norris didn't seem that into it. Kind of expected more. Maybe that was the problem. I actually expected it to be funny. The Mr. T one was bettrer.

  5. This would have been more entertaining if the Chuck Norris Internet meme was still relevant (it started in 2005 and got boring quick).

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