Life Satisfaction Graph: Nerds vs. Most People [Pic]

[Source: SMBC]

14 Responses to Life Satisfaction Graph: Nerds vs. Most People [Pic]

  1. how does I become happier If I become 60? well… okay, building a private library = more books = more happiness… ;D

  2. Having devoted my first few decades of my life to being very much into sports and some geek and recently almost totally given up on the sports, this certainly seems to be true. Sports started giving me very little enjoyment, but the geek stuff still gives me lots of enjoyment.

  3. I beg to differ. I am 23, in grad school, and very much a nerd and I would say I my life satisfaction is well above that of my peers.

  4. i am eager to be 60+ so i can live out of my rent and play video games all days with my children and grand children. And for X-mas we will have a Super 2 week LAN

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