10 Greatest Batman Villains of All Time



Newsarama has a great list of the 10 Best Batman Villains.  It was really cool to see Doctor Hurt there, but I’m not to keen on the Bane entry.  And who do you think got number one?  Hmmm.  Who could it be?

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  1. Hmm… I agree with nearly every one of those on the list, except Bane(sure, he "broke the bat", but other than that, what claim to fame does he really have?). Personally, instead of Bane, I'd put Mr. Freeze, and maybe a bit higher than where they put Bane. Similar to Pamela Isley, Victor's only real goal is in fact pretty noble: finding a cure for his wife's fatal disease. He's one of those characters that make me wish he'd accomplish his goal, and heal his wife. That's actually something I've always wanted to see, Nora Fries cured, for a couple reasons. 1, who doesn't want to see her healed? And, 2, just to see what, exactly, Victor would do once his entire reason for crime was removed…

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