Windows Phone 7 Fangirls Rap [Video]

Yep, this is bad… really bad. How long can you last? :)

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30 Responses to Windows Phone 7 Fangirls Rap [Video]

  1. Yeah no… Didn't make it past the first 3 words of that craptastic rap. I really wanted to turn it off after the 3rd time she said "Holla", but I tried, and I tried to stick with it. But no. Windows Phone 7 Rap, I dub thee FAIL!

  2. 41 seconds in. Thats all I can do. White girls acting gangta is just wrong.
    *Blond Girl": "Holla"
    *Me*: *Strong Pimp Back Hand Slap to the face!!

  3. One minute flat. And I have never in my life wanted to punch someone as much as I wanted to smack that blonde girl. She really thought she was gangsta…I mean, if you're making fun of something, fine, but she was really into it.

    smh, walkin' away fast

  4. Well, I made it farther than the rest of you (2:00), but I don't see that as any kind of achievement to be proud of. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go get really drunk and pray I don't remember this happened.

  5. So I watched the parody Sexy y lo Sabes before this… and I liked it better. (In case you were curious, I was glued to the screen in horror and have no idea when I stopped watching.)

  6. So I was reading the comments until about 1:30 in and then I actually watched the video, which I got through, but barely. I wanted to Falcon punch the blond in her face, with a brick. That was painful

  7. Needless to say (seriously) I had a pair of scissors in my hands and I my left hand kept me from stabbing my self in the face from my right hand, yet I somehow survived the second half of the video after pausing for a sanity break. AAAWWWWWEEEE my brain still hurts, must listen to something else.

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