Conception to Birth — Visualized [Science!]

Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond. (Some graphic images.)



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      • o_0 How is it not grown up to think that pre-borns are gross looking? Ever heard of the "uncanny valley"? Pre-born babies fall into that category to me. They're just freaky looking. I can't help being weirded out when ever I see pictures of them.

        It's not like I hate babies or anything. I just don't buy into that "all babies are beautiful because their babies" thinking. All babies are not beautiful, sometimes they're ugly. (I was an ugly baby, though bless my Mom for thinking I was a cutie.) And pre-born babies have it the worst since they don't have, ya know, all their bits and pieces yet.

        • I realized a long time ago that whenever my Grandmother (very southern) said "how precious" about a baby, it was usually an ugly baby. So parents beware! If elderly southern women refer to your baby is "precious" it's probably hideous :)

        • I agree, fetuses look creepy. Babies when they first pop out look gross. They are only tolerable once they are cleaned up, and then if its ugly its ugly. Bless their tiny little heart.

    • I agree with Nicole! If she had babies, they would gross me out too. My babies, however, are exquisite examples of perfect form and aesthetics beauty.

  1. To start, I am quite annoyed at how quick Geeks Are Sexy pulled this posting from their facebook page. As an engineer/scientist and a new mother, I thought this was a great video. I studied constantly all the stages and "pictures" of what stage my baby was at during the whole pregnancy. As Mr. Tsiaras says, it is quite a amazing to think about the complex nature of the development of a human and I one really is amazed when they finally hold that little baby after birth.

    • This.

      Before I decided to concede to my husband and have a baby I agreed with Nicole. I thought being pregnant was gross. After going through my pregnancy and watching my baby be born, my entire perspective has changed.

      I am also a biologist and read all about the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy and the fetus. It really was amazing.

      And just so you all know….I am TOTALLY not a sap. I referred to my kid as an 'endoparasite' the whole time I was preggo, and now he is an 'ectoparasite'. It pisses the hubby off to no end. I think its funny. And yes, all of the cheesy cliche things other moms tell you about pregnancy and motherhood are absolutely 100% true whether you want to believe it or not.

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