Monday Morning Links Serving: The November 14th Edition

Five Best Desktop Comic Book Readers
There’s a certain nostalgia to reading a paper comic book and flipping the pages, but if you can get digital copies of your favorite comics and you can use your computer’s large display to read them, why not?

15 Funny Real Life Sci-Fi Road Sign Hacks
[…] Speaking of all angles, geeks are even now hacking into road signs. It’s fantastic! Here are 15 you will love…

NASA Hitches a Ride on a Russian Craft, and Begins a New Dependent Phase
A Russian Soyuz rocket with three astronauts — two Russians, one American — is set to lift off from Kazakhstan on Monday morning, ferrying the men to the International Space Station.

Boulder Votes to Go Clean Energy On Its Own
One of the election victories you may have missed in the past week came out of Boulder, Colorado, where voters approved two ballot measures to allow the city to break away from their investor-owned utility, Xcel Energy, and look to instead create their own progressive municipal utility.

Check If Your House Will Be Vaporized in a Nuclear War
Call me paranoid, but I spend nearly every waking moment contemplating whether or not I’d survive a massive nuclear strike. I mean, weirder stuff has happened, guys! Luckily we can now pinpoint our chances with the precision of Google Maps.


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