Sexy Nerd Girl Presents: Nerdy Epic Meal Time [Video]

A parody of Epic Meal Time by Valerie Lapomme, aka Sexy Nerd Girl.

Warning: Strong Language.

I’m sorry Valerie, but your Tauntaun bacon weave-making skills suck… but we like you anyways ;)

[Via The Mary Sue]

12 Responses to Sexy Nerd Girl Presents: Nerdy Epic Meal Time [Video]

  1. That… is actually the most disgusting thing I've seen in years. They seriously ATE all that McDonalds nastiness coated in artery-clogging mayo and thousand island dressing. *urp*

  2. Are you kidding me, I find it hilarious. Yeah, she does overdo it quite a bit, but, oh well, she still looks good. Her food choice sucks balls though. About the only good thing was the fries. I wouldn't want to taste the Dessert Star, personally…

  3. I wish I understand the reason behind it… with all the foul language an misuse of bacon. :) Still a very pretty geek girl you are. :) … some claims there is a guy in this video… never saw him.

  4. IMO, it wasn't a very good parody. If they wanted to mock EpicMealTime, they should have just flamed in the comments, like everybody else, instead of wasting their time making a parody (and wasting their money on crappy food).

    Lejavascript: postComment(0);ave bacon to the pro's… like motherf$&*@)g EpicMealTime.

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