Hydrophobic Spray Repels Water

I try to be as careful an eater as I can be, but without fail, every time I get up from the table I have ketchup/coffee/beer spilled all over the front of my shirt. I will be buying this product ASAP. Though it did pain me to see them waste all that perfectly good chocolate syrup like that.

[Via Reddit]

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  1. Product looks awesome. Couldn't locate a single sales channel for it though! Here's to hoping they get it successfully launched other than a few demo vids.

  2. Must be awesome on rainy days!
    Spray it on your clothes, a ski mask and a pair of gloves and you suddenly don't need an umbrella!

    • Yeah, that was my first thought too, though I suppose if water won't stick then sweat wouldn't either so maybe clothes wouldn't need to be washed all that often anyway.

      Still, one wonders what happens if you rub in a dry substances such as dirt or an oil-based (rather than water-based) liquid, and how one would get the stains from such out later.

      • I watched some of their other video and apparently it works with oils based liquids as well. Not sure how well it would work on the dry stains though.

  3. The thing that usually holds this kind of product back is the constant need for reapplication, boot waterproofer will do the same thing for a short amount of time if you apply multiple coatings

  4. 1 ) Nano = scary we dont really know how the body react to things so small they can get stuck between cells

    2) if I manage to get dirt on the my shirt or it just starts to smell – how do you go about washing it ?

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