Coin-Stacker Balances Over 3,000 Coins On a Dime

Coin-stacker Tai Star stacked 3,118 coins on a single dime.

The impressive structure consisted of 600 quarters, 501 dimes, 313 nickels, 1699 pennies and five foreign coins. He starts with the single dime and places it near the edge of a table. Star explained: ‘It is on the very corner for a few reasons: to make it easy to see that it is on one dime and I think the structure of the table is most sturdy there – plus I just like precarious balance.’

[Via Geekologie]


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  1. must have been some awfully good weed to give him the patience and endurance and 'slowness' to do, to even want to do, something like this. first line spoken after the camera is turned off………"like oh wow, man, let's make it into a bong…."…….lol

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