Snow White & the Huntsman [Movie Trailer]

What? A movie where Thor meets Bella Swan? Now that promises to be… *ahem*… interesting? :)

[Via Buzzfeed]


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  1. Why is it that Directors don't use the internet to check about actors real fame?
    I am a huge fan of Snow White. And the trailer brought such joy into my day until i recognized Miss Valium aka Kristen Stewart. How dare they use that boring girl as Snow White??? Rupert Sanders you INFIDEL!!!!
    And this seemed to be such an wonderful new interpretation of the Tale…. :'(

    • O.K., and now having seen the rest of the trailer, I have to say, even with Kristen Stewart in the titular role, it looks pretty awesome. I think having Thor in it may well offset having Bella just enough to make it cool.

  2. The only reason you're all slagging off Kristen Stewart is because of those shitty Twilight movies. Stop being such asses! She's actually not bad – her portrayal of Joan Jett in The Runaways was damn near PERFECT. She made the film. Looking forward to seeing what she does with this…

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