Doctor Who is the Ultimate Sci-Fi Show [Pic]

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    • I beg your pardon. Have you ever WATCHED Dr. Who? It's full of fictiony science! Sonic screwdrivers, time machines, spaceships, neutrino flows, all sorts of science!

    • Doctor Who is no more or less SciFi than any other show. The Fi part pretty much ensures that and since no one knows what will happen in the future, no one can say what is more or less Sci.

    • Only if you're counting the shitty prequel Trilogy, which any sane and true Star Wars fan knows is nothing more than a mockery to the Star Wars Saga as a whole.

  1. For all those trying to put points against the diagram I would like to add however that Doctor Who is the only one to have these as rather constants. Even after eliminating the Cybermen from the list as they are augmented humanoids.

    In Trek Data is constant but he isn't "killer" in the sense that he is going to kill you… killer in the sense of awesome sure.

  2. Well Star Trek did have Nomad – I think he qualifies as a "Killer Robot" and also the "Doomsday Machine" … sort of massive killer robot by most standards :)

  3. I would have to say that Stargate has all three of these in copious amounts.

    Without doing any research, I can name seasons and episodes when these three were all first introduced!

    Time Travel: Season 2 Episode: 1969
    Killer Robots: Season 3 Episode: Nemesis
    Spaceships: Season 1 Episode: Children of the Gods

    So, yeah, all three have been VERY constant with Stargate since the beginning of the show. Just wanted to point that out. :)

  4. Er… didn't the original series of Star Trek have robotic replacements of characters in one episode? So Star trek has Robots? And if memory serves me right didn't shitty voyager have an episode with a robot in it (and i don't mean the acting style of the crew)

  5. Stargate can also fit in the center. There are Goa'uld ships, Asgard ships, eventually Earth ships, plus misc. There is time travel by going through a wormhole that passes through a solar flare, or using the Ancient puddle jumper outfitted as a time machine. And there are killer robots, the Replicators!

  6. I'm sure this is cool for DW fans but all it really says is that DW covered the main sci-fi tropes over the course of many seasons. (As well as being inaccurate – there were killer robots in Trek, another long running franchise)

  7. false,
    star trek also has killer robots because in an episode of star trek TNG data's twin killed an entire settlement and tried to kill all life on the enterprise
    and in the star trek voyager series there was a robot intelligence that was built for repairing satellites and ended up destroying the entire race of their "creators"
    another episode in star trek voyager there was a doomsday robot that was in the holodeck when an photonic based life form from another dimension appeared and disrupted holodeck controls
    in another episode there was an intelligent sentient robot that turned out to be an instrument for war, an intelligent bomb, sent to bomb an enemy at all costs
    i could go on. dr who is not the ultimate sci fi

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